Why Go Solar?

Environmental Reasons

Energy Independence
Environmentally benign
Reducing the draw on natural resources
Considering future generations
Reduce dependence on foreign energy and fossil fuels

Financial Reasons

Fix your costs for now and the future
Protect yourself from future energy price rises increases
Receive the Feed In Tariff (FIT) on 100% of the energy you create
Receive the Export Tariff on 50% of the energy you create (Even if you use 100% of the created energy!!)
Make huge savings on your energy spend
Increase the desirability of your property
Your system has an expected lifecycle of 30+ years with a warranty of 25 years. Most systems will give back 3 or 4 times what they cost – a 300% to 400% return on investment (over 20 years)

Current FIT - 4.39 pence pKWh

Export tariff – 4.85 pence pKWh

Expected electricity bill reduction 45% – 70% (based on domestic 4kw system.

Download rate tariff here

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